Recycled Passport Holder With Green Edge

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Product number: FePH 003

Style: For reCYLERS

Trends: HIM

Size: 15 cm x 11 cm x 2 cm

Weight: 75 g

Shipping weight: 150 g


Passport holder/ folder made of recycled, upcycled bicycle tube.

You may find in it:

  • a compartment for your passport: it is a deep and safe pocket for your passport, boarding pass, other papers

The following countries' passports will fit in: USA, Canada, Australia and all of the European countries.

  • 2 card holder pockets - 2 cards fit in each pocket in the size of an ID/ bank card
  • a zipped compartment for your coins -  made with Japanese quality YKK zippers so your coins can't escape!

Height:  circa 15,5 cm 

Width: kb 11 cm (closed)

Thickness: 2 cm (empty)