Very Dark Blue Seamless Leather Purse

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Product number: SLWa 010

Style: Labyrinth

Trends: HIM

Size: 8 cm x 9 cm

Weight: 200 g

Shipping weight: 250 g


In our professional career over the past decades, we have always considered high quality as our top priority.
Therefore, each area of a product is tested individually: Functionality, Durability, Materials, Aesthetics, etc.

Seam in a purse is always a weakpoint. Have you ever seen an aging leather product that has been completely worn out at the suture… it was just many tiny holes in a line....

Finally! We got it!

The idea of making a leather purse seamless was born and apart from its extraordinary durability, its functionality expanded as well!

And aesthetics! An incredibly important aspect! I think the photos speak for themselves!

This is slightly smaller than the wallet, 8 cm x 9 cm.

This piece is a very dark blue, kind of greyish shade purse.