Red And Blue Zip Bag

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Product number: BaZi 010

Style: Funky All The Way

Material: Zippers

Size: 20.5 cm x 23 cm

Weight: 30 g

Shipping weight: 80 g


This red and blue zip bag is a unique bag designed and made by hand, sewed from only one or two spiralling lines of zip. It can be opened completely and don't be afraid! There is only one way to zip it back together so you cannot go wrong with it! :)

The size of the bag is roughly 20.5 cm x 23 cm (since it is handmade, there can be little differences). It has a strap of about 118 cm so it is a cross body bag.

The openers can be placed anywhere on the bag, the bag keeps its shape as long as the two openers meet.

The bags are machine washable (60 degrees celcius). Please close openers completely before washing! Do not iron.

The material is zippers tested by Eco-Tex Standard 100 which contains no harmful substances.