Blue And Green Tulip Bracelet

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Product number: ReKa 11

Style: Shining Through

Material: Enamel, Sterling Silver

Size: 20 mm

Weight: 8 g

Shipping weight: 58 g


This small, filigree design, blue and green tulip shape bracelet is made of sterling silver and enamel.

This bracelet is a small series, handdrawn and then cast piece, each tulip pendant is about 20 mm long and 13 mm wide.

What makes it especially beautiful is the lacey tulip design which, when cast into this beautiful sterling silver jewel, is really light weight, simple and gorgeous.

Here in Intuita shop, we have not met yet an artist who fuses enamel with sterling silver. The reason it is so rare is that enamel starts to melt at only a slightly lower degree (750-850 degrees Celcius) than silver (961.8 degree Celcius). That means that you have to be incredibly cautios and attentive so that the two material don't melt together into a big mess.

The chain is also made of sterling silver, it is 60mm long on each side with a dolphin clasp at one end and a 2 cm long extension chain on the other end.