Bicycle Inner Tube Belt With Red And Grey Sides

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Product number: FeBe 012

Style: For reCYLERS

Size: 135 cm

Weight: 250 g

Shipping weight: 350 g


Bicycle innertube belt, made from recycled tubes, with red and grey sides.

It is 135 cm long, and about 4 cm wide. It doesn't have supporting belt hoops to secure if it's too long but it can be easily cut off to shorten it!

A new belt always comes handy in a man's wardrobe, even more so when it's a unique, handmade, recycled item! An original, great gift for men!

How is it made?

A truck of used bicycle tires arrive at a time which is not usable any more (and would otherwise end up in a landfill site). The "good and healthy" parts are cut into long stripes, then sewn into belts, wallets and other useful accessories.