Dark Green Gauze Scarf

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Product number: GaSa 023

Style: Ethereal Colors

Trends: | Blues And Greens

Size: 90 cm x 175 cm

Weight: 10 g

Shipping weight: 30 g


This scarf is really large (90 cm x 175 cm or 35.4 x 68.8 inches) when you fully open it! It is perfect as a beach dress because it lightly covers your body while it is a light, airy, soft fabric but it really looks best when you crumple it up and use it as a scarf!

I would also recommend wearing it during walks on sunny days, you may cover your shoulder with it and not have to worry about sunburn!

We have a wide range of colors available, pastels and brightly colored pieces as well.




How to take care of this scarf

This scarf is made from gauze which is a very lightweight, delicate material. Make sure that it never touches velcro or any other sticky or rough materials. Please wash it by hand and do not iron! If you must, then set the heat to minimum.

If you take good care of it, this beautiful designer scarf will be your lovely, colorful companion for a very long time!