Orange Silk Scarf

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Product number: BsSC 004

Style: Dancing With The Wind

Trends: | Neutrals

Size: 120 cm x 40 cm

Weight: 20 g

Shipping weight: 50 g


This beautiful, orange silk scarf has the perfect length (120 cm x 40 cm / 47 x 15.7 inches) to wrap it around your neck on a spring/autumn day to make your outfit more sophisticated!

I recommend it to wear at office work, business meetings, daytime dates, or whenever you feel like looking pretty and elegant at the same time!

This particular piece is made with contour technique which means that after dyeing the orange, using a contour paint the artist painted these beauitul tendril all over the scarf. I especially love that this is an abstract piece with soft "ice cream" shades which makes it a very wearable, every day piece.

As with all silk pieces, I advise you to hand wash it and then steam iron on medium strength (I have tried and it is dafe to go the max as well)!