Some Surpising Shades of Grey Glass Earrings

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Product number: SyLE 6034

Style: Naked Colors

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Size: 2 cm long

Weight: 2x2 g

Shipping weight: 54 g


This pair of earrings is a very minimal, subtle piece, yet due to the handpainted glass technique, it comes in many different shades! This particular piece is a gray one but it has some surpising shades of grey!

The metal part is made of rhodium plated metal alloy and it has a French ear clasp so you won't have to worry about losing it!

The colorful glass part's diameter is about 1 cm, together with the hook it is 2 cm long.

I recommend this type of earrings for everyday wear since however they are colorful, their design is simple, this dainty piece will only add to your beauty instead of stealing all the attention!

Also, if you love wearing patterned dresses it is a wise idea to wear this pair of earrings as an accessory!