Light Purple Wild Flower Earrings

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Product number: SyVE

Style: Capture Nature

Size: 4.5 cm

Weight: 2x3 g

Shipping weight: 56 g


This pair of gorgeously delicate, soft violet real flower earrings with matching swarovski is about 4.5 cm long each.

The resin spheres encase beautiful, soft violet real flowers for eternity. Iridescent, matching color Swarovksi hang from the earrings. The location of the flowers are random, which makes them look airy, fresh and somewhat magical. If you look close enough, you may see tiny bubbles around the stem - as if the flowers breath underwater!

The jewel findings are made from surgical steel, so they are hypoallergen.


Have you ever wanted to stop time and capture something so that it stays with you forever? Well, then you know the feeling behind these real flower jewels.

What makes a flower so beautiful is that it just pops up color, shape and all without any effort on our part. Sure we can grow them and nurture the way they come about, but their delicate, fragile, and quiet grace is all their own. 

As the light shines through the resin we feel that its visible qualities are very similar to glass: it lets the light in yet breaks it, allowing every little frill of the petals to mesmerize its viewers.