Tenrdil Pattern Earrings

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Product number: ReFE 10

Style: Shining Through

Trends: Nickel-free Jewellery

Size: 55 mm x 15 mm

Weight: 4x2 g

Shipping weight: 58 g


This small, filigree design, tendril pattern pair of earrings is made of sterling silver.

The patterned earring is inspired by a natural form, but it incorporates the motifs of organic culture. Comfortable lightweight, slightly curved shape in the longitudinal direction.

The earrings are small series, handdrawn and then cast pieces, they are 55 mm long (with the hook) and 15 mm wide. Each pendant alone is a 50 mm x 15 mm piece, the hooks are also made of sterling silver and are kidney ear wires which means you won't lose them because they close on the bottom of the back of the earrings!

What makes it especially beautiful is the lacey fantasy tendril design which, when cast into this beautiful sterling silver jewel, is really light weight, simple and gorgeous.