Turquoise Parchment Flower Earrings

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Product number: FaEa 002

Style: Kirfa

Material: Leather, Sterling Silver

Size: 3.5 cm

Weight: 2 x 2 g

Shipping weight: 54 g


The earrings alongside with their hooks are about 3.5 cm long.

                Gorgeous tiny turquoise parchment flowers with white beads and arched sterling silver hooks. Under the petals subtle white cube beads decorate each earring.
                Gorgeous tiny turquoise parchment flowers, which are decorated with cora beads surrounded by red petals. The jewel sits on a square shape sterling silver "pillow", you can see that on the photos taken of the back side of the earrings. All of the metal parts are made of sterling silver.

Parchment, which is the material the colorful flowers are made of, is an untanned and sundried goatskin. This is an extremely durable material, it lasts for thousands of years under ideal circumstances! (It would be so exciting to into the future and watch who wears these earrings in 1000 years! Or it will be in a museum as "jewellery from the XXI. century!)

Parchment is a very unusual material from the perspective of jewellery making. Humanity uses this material from B.C. 4th century as a material suitable to write on. I do not overact when I say that these colorful parchment flowers are uniue in the world.