Nautilus Design Glass Earrings

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Product number: BiFu 005

Style: Encapsulated Dreams

Size: 3 cm

Weight: 2x2 g

Shipping weight: 54 g


These earrings are uniquely made with a special paint and technique, making it seem effortlessly beautiful. It draws attention to you no matter what you wear and you'll get a lot of compliments wearing this necklace (I know this because I own couple of these jewels and people always appreciate them with compliments)!

Each earring is 3 cm long with the clasp. A silver color metal surrounds thr gorgeous handpainted round shape glass piece. The decorated glass part's diameter is 1.5 cm each. The color of this particular piece shifts from blue to purple and then to an orangey golden color (when you look at it from sideways - as you can see if on one of these photos). The nautilus or snail design is painted with a very sparkly subtle color!

These pieces have French earring clasps, so you won't be able to lose them!