Monkey Flower Pot

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Product number: BaAn 013

Style: Zoo Of Pots

Size: 12 cm x 10 cm x 5 cm

Weight: 410 g

Shipping weight: 510 g


A small form that fits into your palm in the shape of a cute monkey.

The shape of the animal is simplified,yet recognizable.

It is  12 cm long, 10 cm tall and 5 cm deep (with the of the monkey).

The stylized monkey shape is hollow, leaving an about 4 cm x 5 cm hole for you to plant your favourite flower or plant in there!It is best to keep herbaceous plants in it because since this unusual flower pot is made with raku technique, water may percolate through the ceramic.

Raku ware is a type of pottery that is traditionally characterised by being hand-shaped rather than thrown; fairly porous vessels, which result from low firing temperatures; and the removal of pieces from the kiln while still glowing hot. The fired raku piece is removed from the hot kiln and is allowed to cool in the open air or buried in soil which brings out its earth colors.

Please note that the color of these flower pots may vary, depending on the way the colors came about after the firing and cooling process.