Playful Purple Teapot

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Product number: PaTe 001

Style: Pansy

Material: Ceramic

Size: 1.6 l

Weight: 1520 g

Shipping weight: 5800 g


This groundbraking, playful, colorful teapot is a must for tea lovers who love making drinking tea a ceremony! The purple glaze has a crackled finish. The modern decor industry has used the technique of craquelure to create various objects and materials such as glass, ceramics, iron. Craquelure gives new objects such as ceramics and furniture an "antique" look.

The yellow, blue and green color design is occasional, an extra touch by the artist's hand apart from making the teapot itself!

Together with the curved lid it is 19 cm tall, from the handle to the end of the arched teapot spout it is 32 cm long. The diameter of the teapot's body is about 19 cm.

Its liquid measure is 1.6 l.