Black Leather-Bound Journal

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Product number: BoKT 005

Style: Spellbound Atmosphere

Trends: | Black & White

Size: 10 cm x 14 cm x 2 cm

Weight: 200 g

Shipping weight: 300 g


A black leather-bound journal that was made by hand using traditional binding techniques.

It consists 240 pages.

This journal was made with fine quality watermarked paper and exquisite cow leather to help you organize your handbag, desk and thoughts. 

The pages are blank, the sizes of the pages are 9.5 cm x 13.5 cm!

The parameters together with the full leather cover: 10 cm x 14 cm x 1.5 cm

A piece of leather string hangs from the cover so when you are done with writing in the journal, you can stylishly wrap the string around it and the tie it.



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