Dot Cluster Shaped Green And Brown Enamel Pendant

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Product number: ViNO 010

Style: Rivi

Size: 5.5 cm long

Weight: 7 g

Shipping weight: 57 g


Dazzling and charming 3 circle shaped green and brown enamel on copper pendant. It is about 5.5 cm long from which the biggest circle's diameter is 2.5 cm, the middle one's is about 1.5 cm and the smallest one's is about 8 mm.

I recommend this shape for people with any face/upper body types and shapes as it is such a fun and versatile shape.

The color is absolutely beautiful, very srping-like, the design is simple yet original. I love how light can partly shine through the enamel to the depths of the copper base, making it look like the pendant is glowing from within :) This piece is great for every day wear.
The matching green chain is made of textile and is about 45 cm long.