Cranberry And Orange Dot Painted Pendant

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Product number: ChNy Ch 0101

Style: Chloé

Material: Glass, Metals

Trends: Dot love

Size: 4 cm

Weight: 12 g

Shipping weight: 62 g


The dots are handpainted one by one with a very tiny contour brush and a special kind of paint. Since the top of the surface is painted, you can feel the little bumps of the dots when you touch it! Spiral bronze surrounds the cranberry and orange color mandala which makes this pendant shape a very loving jewel! The bronze rose is a touch added to personalize this necklace even further: it is not only perfect for those who love these naturals shades and mandalas, but also for those who love flowers, especially roses! It is a very unique gift for someone who loves flowers!

The decorated mandala part's diameter is 2 cm. The bronze chain is about 42 cm with a dolphin clasp in its end.