Rosebud in Resin Necklace

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Product number: SyVN 0102

Style: Szilvi

Material: Flower, Resin

Size: 13 x 13 x 25 mm

Weight: 7 g

Shipping weight: 60 g


 On the bottom of this resin pendant sits a real rosebud. To be perfectly exact it is a briar or eglantine. I cannot get enough of it when the briar starts to bloom in springtime! After long, flowerless winters this flower torrent makes me so happy! I feel so excited and think, no matter how much I pick, it's never enough! Meanwhile, it fills me with happiness that those flowers I pick will go to a worthy place and will be conserved for a very-very long time.

I made a romantic-nostalgic piece from this bud. It reminds me of England at the end of the last century, rose pattern wallpapers, parasols and gloves made from lace, yellowed photos.

I put it into a form that resembles old medicine vials since eglantine is a popular herb and it sits so charmingly on the bottom corner of the glass anyway. They suit each other especially well! wink 

The rose was pinky-white originally but as it occurs quite often with roses, its color got a patina similar to old paper. You may discover a little pinkish shade on the top of the bud. I chose silver color jewel components, you may adjust the length of the chain to 42, 47 or 52 cm. I decorated the chain with pale yellow swarovsky beads.

I love the most about this particular pendant how light plays on the surface of the rosebud. Resin breaks the light in a way that looks like a tiny reflector's light is porjected onto the flower.... or as if it would be somewhere in a mystical underwater world! Try it! I could hold it, look at it, turn it for minutes, until I feel like I had a good look at it from every angle! smile