Angel Trumpet Resin Pendant

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Product number: SyVN 0105

Style: Szilvi

Material: Flower, Resin

Trends: Christmas Gifts

Size: 48 mm x 20 mm

Weight: 7 g

Shipping weight: 60 g


 Jewels made from flowers are unique already because nature participates in the process of creation so the end result is always uniue and unrepeatable.

Although, in the case of this particular pendant, even its shape is one-of-a-kind! I searched a little online but I couldn't find a resin pendant similar to this one. Brugmansia, or on its Hungarian name, "Angel Trumpet" inspired its shape.

I put some moss in the base of the pendant, that recalls the green part of the flower, beneath is the large white flower that symbols the Brugmansia. There is a concave cavity on the bottom of the pendant which, like concave lens, breaks light in a way that you can see a miniature flower in the middle of the big one. In fact, what you see is the reflection of the big flower! I'm not sure I could explain it well but have a look at it when its yours! It's an interesting sight! And this is another thing that is truely unique about it!

I chose silver color jewel components, you may adjust the length of the chain to 42, 47 or 52 cm. I decorated the chain with pale yellow swarovsky and small green sphere beads.