Brass Fantasy Pendant

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Product number: AbNy 004

Style: Fancy Amazons

Trends: Mysterious , HIM

Size: 8.3 c,

Weight: 20 g

Shipping weight: 70 g


Like and old toy patchy teddy bear, this pendant is stitched. The shape is a leaf upside down, ending with a cute little tendril which makes it feminine, despite the stitches in the middle! We recommend it for the wild hearts, both men and women!

The length of the pendant is 8.3 cm. It is made of brass entirely.

The chain is made of brass, it is 48 cm long.

The whole pendant is covered with varnish for durability reasons and so that the copper does not stain its wearer's skin.

This jewelry was made as it was in the old times, how even ancient, now extinct cultures made the jewelry. The material, its processing, the art of forging was available for our ancestors as well.
Even its color is like as if it was dropped here from some romantic era/place!