Small, Red And White Flower Necklace

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Product number: BoNC 008

Style: Palace Garden

Size: 2 cm

Weight: 3 g

Shipping weight: 56 g


This dark red and white color, cast bronze necklace is a unique manifestation of love and kindness, making it the best gift idea for your loved ones!

The diameter of this round fantasy design pendant is 2 cm. The pendant has a distinctive flower design in it. This pendant is a simple, small beauty that is perfect for any age of ladies.

The length of the =double string) copper cord is 42 cm (16.5 "). It has a bronze dolphin clasp at the end.

The combination of the hand cast bronze and the natural colors the artist uses, this type of jewellery seems to be the perfect combination of ancient and modern, giving a feeling we've just dropped out from a fantasy book: a perfect choice of accessories for elves and fairies! If you look at it carefully, you will a subtle glow where the bronze meets the paint!