Ebony, Sterling Silver and Plexiglas Necklace

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Product number: AyNE 273

Style: Futuristic High Fashion

Material: Plexiglas, Sterling Silver, Wood

Trends: Eternal Values

Size: 1 cm x 2 cm

Weight: 10 g

Shipping weight: 60 g


Chili red acrylic glass folk art motif in a panel of sterling silver, framed by sterling silver and 2 vertical stripes of ebony.

The combination of wood and metal is something very exciting and unusual in the handmade jewel industry!

This most truly contemporary work of art is acrylic glass encased in sterling silver.

The minimalist design of the necklace featured by simple and clean shapes that lets us enjoy the beautiful combination of precious metal, ebony tree and brilliant lively green coloured acrylic glass.

The artist polishes the sterling silver to shine like a mirror. This technique combined with the transparent, brilliant color of the acrylic glass results unexpected and beautiful lighting effects.

Ebony is a type of wood, usually black and almost as heavy and hard as stone.