Real Purple Flower Resin Ring

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Product number: SyVR 0001

Style: Capture Nature

Trends: | Pinks & Purples

Size: 53 (US 6 1/2)

Weight: 5 g

Shipping weight: 55 g


This delicate piece of jewellery looks like a beautiful flower hoop wreath around your finger. The line of tiny aubergine color flowers is broken by only one white flower - this could be the "jewel" of your ring if you like!

The location of the flowers are random and therefore they look airy and free inside, like they could move any time, yet they are frozen in time! A truely everlasting piece of jewel!

It is size 53 (US 6 1/2), although due to the band's thickness and the hardness of the material, I would recommend it for people with smaller size fingers.

This ring contains no metal so it is perfect for those suffering from metal allergy/intolerance!