Resin Ring With Moss Inside

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Product number: SyVR 0002

Style: Szilvi

Material: Flower, Resin

Size: 53 (US 6 1/2) - 57 (US 7)

Weight: 5 g

Shipping weight: 55 g


I highly recommend this particular piece to those of you who love nature. Every time I look at this jewel, I remember the long walks I used to do in the forest, the fresh air in my lungs and lovely conversation with my friends and family!

The moss inside the resin is a very dark green shade so I chose a silver color ring band to emphasize the beauty of the moss!

The location of the moss is random and therefore it looks airy and free inside, like it could move any time, yet it is frozen in time!

The ring is size 53 (US 6 1/2), and it can be adjusted up to 57 (US 7).

The metal band is silver color metal alloy.