Resin Ring With A Wild Daisy Inside

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Product number: SyVR 0004

Style: Szilvi

Material: Flower, Resin

Size: 53 (US 6 1/2) - 57 (US 7)

Weight: 5 g

Shipping weight: 55 g


The tiny wild daisy looks so beautiful, sitting on the bottom of this ring! It looks like it is breathing underwater, as a large bubble on its side indicates that. There are also tiny bubbles in the resin lens, around the daisy, seemingly coming our of the daisy - and might have indeed!

I chose a silver color ring band to compliment the gorgeous light yellow and parchment color wild flower. Due to the convex shape of the resin lens, it enlarges the petals of the daisy when you play with it!

The location of the flower is random and therefore it looks airy and free inside, like it could move any time, yet it is frozen in time!

The ring is size 52 (US 6), and it can be adjusted up to 57 (US 7).

The metal band is silver color metal alloy.