Green Glass Ring With Floating Diamond

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Product number: FdGy 014

Style: Floating Gemstones

Trends: | Blues And Greens

Size: 51-58

Weight: 10 g

Shipping weight: 60 g


This handmade ring is not only unique and beautiful, it's really fun to play with it, too!

The ring band and the "frame" of the round shape jewel (15 mm) are made of silver plated fine quality handmade bronz.

Inside the jewel in the middle of its bottom is a handmade mirror glass with vapourised gold. Above the mirror is a chamber filled with liquid where a small bubble and a diamond gemstone chase each other for eternity.The chamber is surrounded by old coloured glass from the Matthias church (from Budapest, Hungary).

The trick is that when you turn the ring around, the bubble always stays up on top and the gem will always be in the bottom! Try it and you will fall in love with it immediately!

This astonishing invention of the play of the bubble and the gemstone is then covered with a hardened magnifying glass lens.

The size can be adjusted between 51 (US 5 1/2) - 58 (US 8 1/4).