Purple Glass Jewel Set

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Product number: ChJS 002

Style: Sunnyside

Trends: | Pinks & Purples

Weight: 150 g

Shipping weight: 200 g


The dots are handpainted one by one with a very tiny contour brush and a special kind of paint. Since the top of the surface is painted, you can feel the little bumps of the dots when you touch it!

The base of these pieces are purple  which is then topped with white, yellow, blue and purple glow-in-the-dark dots!


A 1.5 cm Swarovski heart charm is added to the pendant which adds sparkle and a longer shape to the jewel. When I look at this particular pendant, I feel like it's sunbeams are reaching towards me, filling my heart with warmth.

It is a perfect gift idea for ladies because apart from expressing your love towards her, you are also making sure she gets some positive vibes whenever she wears it. :)

The decorated mandala part's diameter is 2 cm and the diamter of the whole pendant is 8 cm. The surgical steel chain is about 42 cm with a dolphin clasp in its end.


The decorated mandala part is 1.4 cm however, the full length of each earring is 7 cm. This shape of earrings is my favourite, the long straight line with a big round charm on its end! It is flattering and brings more attention to the neck area and to the face, especially if the color emphasizes the beauty of its wearer's eyes! From the hook Swarovski biconne beads lead to the mandala charm in matching shade.

The hooks are made of surgical steel. If you prefer having a sterling silver or silicone hook you can easily purchase it in our webshop (webshop.intuitashop.com/products/supplements/accessories). I will change the hooks for you and send your new pair of earrings with your preferred hooks.


The diameter of this dot painted bracelet's decorated glass mandala part is 8 mm each which makes it a dainty piece of jewel. There are 5 tiny glass mandalas attached together to make a dainty piece of jewel - a perfect gift idea for sophisticated ladies!

The chain and the clasp are also made of hypo-allergen surgical steel.


The metal part of the ring is made of platinum plated brass. Both brass and platinum are nickel free!

The diameter of the colorful mandala part or the "stone" of the ring is 12 mm which makes this a dainty piece!

The size of the ring is adjustable, from extra small (children size) to small or medium to extra large!