Shot Glass With Woman Face Inside

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Product number: BoSg 001

Style: Not Tipsy... Yet!

Trends: HIM

Size: 20 ml; 90 x 35 mm

Weight: 160 g

Shipping weight: 270 g


The face of a woman can be seen from the artist's point of view. The face expression of her shows  that she is silently staring into the distance. Who wouldn't regale his friends from such an original shot glass like that?

This glass is a guaranteed piece of exclusiveness, every one of them needs a unique mold, because the plaster molding material shall be broken up, otherwise the glass produced will not come out.

This shot glass with female face inside is a unique and perfect gift idea for men on special occasions. You may purchase is individually, although it looks best in a household to have the whole set so when guests arrive to your home you can invite them for an extraordinary experience! This series includes 3 more shot glasses: one with 2 male faces, another with a female nude body and the last one is with a thumb finger (print) inside!