Glow-in-the-dark, Original Dot Painting

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Product number: ChPa 003

Style: Sunnyside

Trends: Tireless Optimists

Size: 40 cm x 20 cm

Weight: 100 g

Shipping weight: 750 g


This is a 40 cm x 20 cm original dot painting with a beautiful nature theme. A branch reaches from the left side of the painting towards the right, with dragonflies surrounding it. The leafy pink anc ochre color branch and the 3 small dragonflies glow in the dark, however, the painting also looks like as if it glowed in the daylight, as well.

White light surrounds the shapes in the form of tiny dots that fade into a dark hunter green shade as they reach towards the sides of the painting. This type of painting creates an emphasis on the beauty of the atmosphere, rather than the beauty of the objects.

This original acrylic painting was painted by Chloe Nyiri.

This particular painting is part of a collection called Flora and Fauna, putting the emphasis on our environment and our love for nature but even more so, on the relationshop between the butterfly and the flower.