Bohemian Dolls

These dolls are adorable and fun! The are pendants with long chains so they come down to your belly! Each of them has dresses sewn by hand made from old, fine quality recycled dresses and gowns that today noone would wear (unless for Halloween)!

They hold lovely charms in their hands that tell a lot abour their (or rather, your) personality, such as: old Singer sewing machine, coffee machine, scissors, cat, dog, gloves, heart, flower, rocking horse, etc.

**If you don't find any products below in the related products section, that doesn't mean we don't have any of these pieces, rather the opposite: we probably have them in our 2 offline stores but since these are handmade and exclusive we might not yet had the opportunity to take professional photos of them and upload them! Please send us a message if you are interested in the latest pieces: **