Capture Nature

Have you ever wanted to stop time and capture something beautiful so that it stays with you forever?

You may find the unmatched beauty of nature encased in unusal jewel shapes here. They are made in-house by one of Intuita Shop's team members.

The resin is transparent and occasionally may have some bubbles inside which creates an underwater effect combined with real flowers in beautiful colours!

As the light shines through the resin we feel that its visible qualities are very similar to glass: it lets the light in yet breaks it, allowing every little frill of the petals to mesmerize its viewers.

WARNING! These pieces are gone very quickly, so if you like something, we strongly recommend you get it before someone else puts their hands on it! We also have these exact items on display in our offline stores in Budapest, so once you ordered them, we have to check whether they are still available for shipping.

Questions and Answers

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