Dress With Less!

Infinity wrap-around dress

Here are some benefits to this incredible versatile dress:

  • Wear it on the beach over your bathing suit one way, and at night when going out for a party another way.
  • It comes in a wide color range
  • It can be knee length OR you can make it a mini coctail dress by pulling the elasticated part above the chest.
  • You can be elegant in it as well, you may wear it to a wedding, prom, dinner, etc.
  • At church it can cover your shoulders, for dinner wrap a more outgoing versio.
  • When the weather is chilly, wear a shirt under it, a top or maybe a turtleneck.
  • It is made out of soft elastic material. (95% viscose and 5% elastane)
  • It is a practical option for bridesmaids! It creates harmony between the girls' dresses, and at the same time they can all feel like they are the prettiest.

Questions and Answers

Become our model! Let your creativity free and find out new ways. Take a photo of yourself in your infinity dress and send it to us, we will gladly upload it so that everyone can see what an imagination you’ve got. It is so good to see that although we are so different, we still talk the same language when it comes to nice dresses.




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