Face Forward

Get the antique feel

These enamel hairgrips are made of enamel on copper with extremely delicate care and by painting many layers of "enamel paint" to create the shades and highlighted areas of each face.

They are built up in layers which mean that a picture may include from 10-20 wispy coats melted on each other. Each and every layer has to be dissolved on the base separately therefore the ready-made picture will have a relief effect.
This working process takes a lot of time, thus only a small number of pictures can be made during a year.

**If you don't find any products below in the related products section, that doesn't mean we don't have any of these pieces, rather the opposite: we probably have them in our 2 offline stores but since these are handmade and exclusive we might not yet had the opportunity to take professional photos of them and upload them! Please send us a message if you are interested in the latest pieces: webshop.intuitashop.com/contact **