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These handmade glass vases and/or candle holders are made with fusing and casting technology. These techniques require special furnaces to shape the glass.

A furnace is 200 cm length and 100 cm in width. With the specially trained walls and the heating filaments it can be heated up 950°C. The artist designed and manufactured the furnaces individually.

The essence of this technique is that the starting raw material, the glass of sheet is cleaned and cut to size prior, is put on the porcelain templates in the furnace after lengthy testing.

Above 800 degrees the glass "falls" on the template, with a special surface that results in glass gloss. The technical specification of cooling and heating is the most important issue.

These vases are our last pieces - we also have them on display in our offline store in Budapest - so once they are gone, they will be gone, also no costum orders or preorders are available for these piesces.


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