Floating Gemstones

Have you heard of "Floating Diamonds" before? They are one of the most amazing inventions available in Intuita Shop! From the guilded mirror in the bottom of each jewel to the bronze frame around the glass pendants, everything is handmade in these pieces. Did I manage to tickle your interest?

Any element can become a gas; you just need to heat it past its boiling point. For gold, that’s 2,856 degrees Celsius (5,173 degrees Fahrenheit), which is hotter than the temperature in an arc furnace so it’s difficult to just boil a bar of gold. But you can create small amounts of gold gas by bombarding it with a high-energy beam of electrons in a vacuum. This knocks atoms of gold free from the solid mass and they’ll fly around and coat anything in the vacuum chamber.

This is how the mirrors in Floating Diamond necklaces are made. And those are only the mirrors shining on the bottom of each piece!

The true game here is the relationship between a bubble and one or more gemstones floating in liquid, chasing each other for eternity. The trick is that when you turn the jewel, the bubble always stays on top and the gemstone or the gemstones "falls" or rather floats to the bottom.


Questions and Answers

The story of the glass part of these astonishing handmade jewels goes back to the beginning of World War II.
Matthias Church is located in Buda and was originally built in 1015 but has been renovated many times since. In 1944, due to the bombing of World War II. the windows from the church have been removed and were carried to a bombproof place.
During the demolition some of the window glasses were damaged and one of the artist's relatives who lived at the Buda Castle at the time, collected the small broken pieces and gave them to the artist.
He wanted to make something extraordinary. He succeeded. :)



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