Through these unique bicycle tube gifts, you will find history and stories. There are scratches, spots, or even abrasions on every belt, lap or purse. They had their lives, they saw smiles, tears, broken bones, and smiling, loose whistles on the beach.

Reuse and recycle every possible material.
Even if you make its life only a little longer, the attitude to prolong something's life with care
or smart ideas is always worth the effort! In our case it's even better: rubber inner tubes recycled as a wallet or a bag have usually a much longer afterlife than in wheels :)

By purchasing these products, you reduce the waste loads of our environment.



Questions and Answers

How should I clean rubber?

No worries, we designed our bags to be able to take some abuse! Just apply a dab of dish soap onto the stain and gently rub it with a damp towel or an old toothbrush. Rubber is nonabsorbent so with a little diligence, it will come clean. When needed, you may simply put our bags into the washing machine (inside out, dark colours separately, 30 celsius). Just turn it inside out, use very little washing powder, avoid using softener as rubber doesn’t really like them and afterwards wipe it with a dry cloth.

What should i do if i exposed it to direct sunshine or left it next to the radiator?

Just wash it and wipe it with a dry cloth, and it will revive! But please avoid prolonged exposion to radiating heat.

Where do you get the inner tubes from?

We collect the litter of several bicycle repair salons in Budapest.






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