Mary Poppin's Garden

These lovely ceramic art pieces can be used as home decors or flower pots, but you can gather and keep small useful items in them, too!

I named this style Mary Poppin's garden because I can imagine that her garden would have been filled with such interesting decorations!

Modern raku technique is a ceramic method where the pottery is fired at a lower temperature, then it is buried in soil (as you can see it on some of the product photos). The soil will actually bing out their final colors, that makes one a unique piece!

The animal shapes are minimalized and stylized, they look embryo-like creatures which makes them adorable.

The shoes come in different styles and sizes, I think they look best in a collection!

We also have these exact items on display in our offline stores in Budapest, so once you ordered them, we have to check whether they are still available for shipping.

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