Miles Of Smiles

These needle felted figurines are made to bring happiness to those who appreciate this type of cuteness.

In our fast paced world we can always use a bit of joy and kindness which these soft felt babies radiate. Each figurine is fully handcrafted from the core, made of wool only. Every thread of wool is chosen with care and precisely placed. Due to it's light weight you can take it with you anywhere.

These are unique and heart-warming gifts for children as well as grown ups. Ideal as a lucky charm object or a stress ball. Also can be converted into a bag chain if required.

We also have these exact items on display in our offline stores in Budapest, so once you ordered them, we have to check whether they are still available for shipping.

Questions and Answers

How did you end up on this road?

I've always enjoyed art. I'd say my love for sculpting began while attending pottery classes at a young age. I chose art as one of my facultative subjects when doing my maturity examination. While attending University of Special Needs Education I was lucky enough to particapate in many courses discussing the therapeutic effects of different art forms used in education today. After getting to know many professional artists and artistic techniques in the gallery, I also had the oportunity to add to the palatte with my newly learned ability.

What do you love about it the most? Which moments, activity bring you the most joy?

The fact that I am able to make something nice out of basic materials that others apprieciate as well.

Everything is more difficult in this world than an outsider can imagine. Could you mention an example of your work that we, outsiders wouldn’t even think about?

I aim for perfection with each piece and developing a personality for them is a goal of mine, which takes time.

Do you keep any of your own pieces? Do you wear or use them?

Yes, I do keep some, or give my favorites to people who are close to me so I know for sure they will be valued as I would.

Do you also make other things apart from what we sell here in Intuita?

Since I learned this technique I have been broadening my knowledge and tend to try several interesting ideas of mine and others.

What makes you the proudest?

I feel the proudest when I see the happiness it gives others to look or hold my creations.

What are your plans for the future? Is there something fumbling inside you that is waiting to be created?

I would love to try out other forms of art too and wish to be able to show them to the public as well.

Finally: Do you have favourites in Intuita? Whose work are the closest to your heart and why?

When looking for gifts for myself or others I always seem to choose from the fused glass necklaces from Tekok or enamel jewelry from Emmi.