Not Tipsy... Yet!

Borko is a fenomenal glass artist. His most popular and famous works are the shot glasses with faces inside. The series include a shot glass with a female face, another with 2 male faces, one with a nude female body and the 4th is with a thumb finger print inside.

These pieces are unique and unrepeatable since Borko makes a new mold for each shot glass and has to break the mold inside the glass once it's ready.

The artist first became interested in the fact that glass is liquid. Any object made of glass goes through different machines, techniques, and professional tricks until it reaches its final stage.

The creative spark of the hot glass is brought together with the cleanness, transparency, and play of light that the cold glass encompasses. It originated as a stroke of genius, matures in the atmosphere of inspiration and he finishes it as an experienced master, as it is worth doing in his own aesthetic culture. It can only be attained with the forces of love and humility. It is very exciting!