Quirky Creatures

These cute little stone figures are creatures of Csati's fantasy world where everyone has a place.They're personified kind tiny guys sometimes even armed with a pet!

Their shape depends very much on the stone from which their stomachs are made of. Other features such as head, arms and feet are made of tin.


The jewellery she makes is mostly made of semi-precious stones/glass encompassed by soldered tin. At first sight, we wouldn't imagine the amount of work put into each piece: these pieces of jewellery are made with tiffany technique further developed, each tendril or snail pattern piece of tin is formed separately then soldered on and around the gemstone/glass.

The style recalls the fantasy world of dragons, elves, casters and fairies. These items are truely fantastic for all sorts of reasons, be it for renaissance fairs, LARP, weddings, medieval and more. We are sure that there is something in this range which will be a feast for your eyes.

We also have these exact items on display in our offline stores in Budapest, so once you ordered them, we have to check whether they are still available for shipping.

Questions and Answers

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