Shining Through

Rea is an award winning sterling silver jewel artist. She colours the beautiful, filigree, tendril pattern and arched motif silver jewellery with enamel. The end result is ethereal! In designing her jewellery she considers folk traditions as a starting point. With her work, she would like to contribute to maintaining the aesthetics mediated by folk object culture in our world of technology and uniformism.

It is very difficult to work enamel into sterling silver due to technological difficulties which makes this kind of jewellery very rare.

Here in Intuita shop, we have not met yet another artist who fuses enamel with sterling silver. The reason it is so rare is that enamel starts to melt at a lower degree (750-850 degrees Celcius) than silver (961.8 degree Celcius). That means that you have to be incredibly cautios and attentive so that the two material don't melt together into a big mess.