The wonderful world of magical dots

Dot painting is a style that is very similar to the well-known pointillism but dotillism art looks more like mosaic art: fabulous colors mixed with fantasy yet raised to high quality jewellery due the fine materials and paints are being used. The design is created dot by dot with a tiny contour brush, forming a symmetric mandala art on each jewellery by Chloe Nyiri.

Most of the pieces glow in the dark, as you might have seen it by their titles or the photos!

The paintings are made with the same technique. You can find original art works, prints and post cards here, too. Some of the paintings also glow in the dark (if it is the case then it is indicated in the title and/or descripiton of the product).

We also have these exact items on display in our offline stores in Budapest, so once you ordered them, we have to check whether they are still available for shipping.


Questions and Answers

How did you end up on this road?

I've always loved mosaic arts and painting dots but I had no idea it would become my passion and profession one day.
Thanks to my family's support I've tried many ways and forms of art: drawing, painting, dancing, playing the piano, singing... but it was only in 2015 that I've found my one true love, dots.
I work in Intuita in the touristic centre of Budapest and thanks to my boss I started creating and selling dotillism style jewellery in 2015 summer. 

What do you love about it the most? Which moment, activity brings you the most joy?

My favourite moments are the beginning and the end. When I start painting a piece of art work, it's always so exciting, I can't wait to do create something that I've only had in my imagination for days, or even weeks. And then when I do the finishing touches, my heart pounds like crazy! I just can't wait to make someone happy with the end result!


Everything is more difficult in this world than as an outsider would imagine. Could you tell us an example of your work that is more difficult then we, outsider can’t even think of?

Everyone thinks that dotillism art style is difficult because it takes loads of time to paint tiny dots which is partly true but the thing that literally eats up my time is color mixing.

Do you have any piece that you kept for yourself? Do you wear or use your own items?

I tried. I made a light turquoise pair of earrings which I decided to keep and wore that day but never since. So after six months in my drawer, I decided to sell it and since then no matter how much I love what I made, I don't keep it.

Do you make other things than what we sell here in Intuita?

I paint dots on anything and everything. Whenever I see the possibility I try to paint on new materials, new objects, paintings or accessories.

What makes you the proudest?

The effect my art works have on people. I get many reviews of how my paintings or patterns bring back childhood memories and brings happiness to my audiences.


What are your plans? Do you have new ideas waiting to be realized?

I'd love to paint dots on long silk scarves! And of course I would very much like to burst into fashion, painting dots on bags, wallets and dresses!


Do you have favourites in Intuita? Whose works are closest to your heart and why?


 Yes, of course! I love nearly everyone's works, they are all so unique and high quality handcrafted art pieces! But my top-top favourite is probably glass jewellery! I love how light plays with glass and color! Rozetta jewellery is one of my absolute favourites! I also adore Bia's and Szilvia's jewels! They're sophisticated yet playful and full of colors and life!


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