Wind Blessed Spoon

These wind chimes are made in the spirit of recycling, out of antic German silver, alpaca (nickel silver) cutlery.

Before aluminium came on the scene alpaca was the popular material of the cutlery industry in the years of the18-19th centuries. It counted as a rather great achievement, the factories stamped every piece with their own mark.

Windchimes are a truly charming form to revive our grandmother's everyday items so that they can live on with us. The nice white color of the alpaca (which is known in many different names in different countries) is due to the nickel, tensility comes from copper and zinc gives its melting ability.

But from our point of view it’s beautiful chiming sound is what makes the alpacca wind chimes interesting, it reminds you mostly of the churchbells at noon, and in the case of wind chimes that is a really creditable attribute.

It always astonishes me how the fork’s four branches in an artist’s hand has so unbelievably rich potential lurking in it. Sometimes it undulates like water, confines hearts inside itself, or the neverending knot of tibet comes before us when a breeze blows.

The artist, János travels around the country and he collects the alpaca materials from villages where people have cutlery they don't use any more. Alpaca is a mix of different metals, and there is no consistency in it. It was very difficult in the beginning, half of his materials broke in the process of melting and bending, now he says that he can hear it from the raw spoons and forks if it is going to bend nicely (he showed it to me once but I couldn't hear what he heard).

If you choose the wind chimes with a candleholder, be sure to use it!
Our Wind chimes with candle-holder made of old spoons and forks honestly creates a magical atmosphere on summer nights in the garden under a tree…

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