Your Own Fairy-Veil Wings

These beautiful, tranparent earrings are light weight and airy, and it really looks like you are wearing butterfly wings!

Of course, no butterflies (or fairies) were harmed in the making! These are made of resin and Swarovski and they are much less fragile than you would think at first sight.

If you like to live in a world of fairies, butterflies and dreams, then these jewels are for you!

As you can probably see, there are different designs, some wings are more round, others are shaped more like triangles, there are simple hooked pieces and ones with decorated studs ( and they are available as clips, too)! So you will definitely find your favourite design and color amongst them!

Butterfly is the power of air, the ability to float upon a breeze. It is known for its darting flight; thus, it represents the mind and our ability to change it when necessary. Butterfly represents the never-ending cycle of life; therefore, its medicine bestows not only the ability, but the clarity of mind needed before self-transformation.

Butterflies appear to dance as they flitter among the flowers. They remind us not to take things so seriously within our lives. They awaken a sense of lightness and joy.